Mundaneum Edition 25/09/2015!

We are pleased to inform you on the Mundaneum Edition of the Otlet Salons. This edition will take place at the Mundaneum in Mons on Friday the 25th of September. We are happy to welcome Pieter Colpaert as our keynote speaker on “How data want to be reused”. More details on the subject, timing and program of this Edition here. Mons cultural capital 2015 also offered us a guided tour at 16 o clock followed by a guided visit of the renewed Mundaneum Museum! Please check Mons European capital of culture for more activities. If you want to participate please subscribe via and for future events subscribe to our blog!

First edition

The first edition was a great evening in the heart of Antwerp! The keynote speaker was Dr. Didier Caluwaerts on Challenges to democracy in the 21st Century.

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