Radical innovations in research, business and society are rarely achieved within a niche. Instead, insight and collaboration across fields pushes boundaries for institutions, academia and society forward.

The Otlet Salons lift the concept of a public free space into the 21st Century. It brings together young leaders in research, business, government, society and the arts to promote knowledge spillovers and to create a strong and broad impact on society by sharing ideas and methods. Its main innovation lies in its approach to knowledge sharing: the Otlet Salons allow diverse sets of people to gain knowledge, to build networks, and to create genuine learning environments. It does so in a way that is not feasible in other settings such as institutional, business or government constellations.

The Otlet Salons gather on several locations in Belgium in order to reach a broad network of potential participants. We are all individuals who reach out and connect across disciplines, and are in a real position to effectively spark social, political and economic change.

Feel free to take part in this new initiative and become part of a precious network of bright and openminded people, connect to academia, business, institutions, civil movements and governments to foster interdisciplinary change in society! If you would like to become part of this network please send us some information about yourself to otlet.salons@gmail.com

All the best and thank you to become part of this initiative to reach out.


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